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Sompting Estate has been in our family for over 250 years and covers much of Sompting Parish

The estate comprises about 7 square kilometres of countryside in the heart of the Sussex Downs, between Worthing and Steyning, at the narrowest point of the South Downs National Park.

The vision is for Sompting to be a place where people and nature thrive. We are glad to have seen a great recovery in the richness of both flora and fauna over recent decades due to efforts to support and nurture biodiversity.


Through our own farm and woodland management and by working with environmental partners and the community, we are learning and working to help nature recovery and resilience.   


The Estate has a large tenanted farm, Lychpole Farm, as well as Titch Hill Farm which is managed in-hand. Woodland areas are managed and being expanded by a forestry contractor and the estate includes a number of houses as well as a number of small business units.


The estate is home to one of the few known Knucker Holes in existence. Like others, Sompting's Knucker Hole is bottomless and perpetually springing, and is home to the Knucker, a terrifying water dragon with "a giant, slithering sea serpent's body, and cold, bold sea serpent's eyes and a deadly, hissing sea serpent's mouth".


Further information (fact and fiction) about Sompting Estate can be found here 

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