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A new, yet ancient enterprise is growing out of Sompting's beautiful landscape.

We planted our first vineyard consisting of 8.5 acres of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in May 2019. It's on a south-facing chalky slope of the Sompting Downs, nestled between Worthing and Steyning and 3km from the sea.

⁠Our focus is always on nature-first farming practices and fun, nothing-added, hand-crafted wines.

In 2023 we planted more vines on our newest site in the curving coombe at the heart of our farm. Here we put in 12 different varieties of hybrid or 'PIWI' grapes. These grapes are bred for their disease-resistance properties allowing us to spend more time on the things we care about, like developing soil health and nurturing the vines with closer management.


Our vineyard is integrated within the patchwork of the surrounding farmed landscape and is buzzing with wildlife - bees, butterflies and much more.


We have planted mixed native species hedges for windbreaks and have retained broad grass margins where cowslips and other wildflowers thrive. This, plus adding to our adjacent conservation woodland plantation, means that the vineyard and its hedgerows connect the woodland wildlife on three sides.

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