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 In 2022 we took Titch Hill Farm into in-hand farming. This is the first time that our family has farmed the land in the estate's 250-year history
Titch Hill Farm is a mixed farm, principally cropping wheat and barley and with a growing number of sheep and cows. We have a herd of pedigree Sussex Cattle, the ancestral breed for this area, and are expanding our flock of Sussex Southdown sheep,
a diminutive breed well-suited for maintaining and ameliorating our vineyards.
With a focus on polycultural agriculture, we have been introducing new regenerative farming rotations and techniques.  We have enhanced the habitat for ground-nesting farmland birds such as grey partridge, lapwing, and corn bunting. The farm's patchwork landscape, with permanent grass, arable and leys, and small woods and hedgerows, is great for wildlife. 
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